Right now, every window in the apartment is open. The kitchen is shadowed and dark, but the living room is lit with soft warmth. The hardwood floors shine, despite the pitted nicks and scars. The big oak tree across the street waves in the breeze, and the music I have on dances with the wind.

The bedroom is bright and airy. I folded back the sheets so that the summer breeze can filter through the open window and caress the spot where we lay our heads. The pillows will smell like air and petals on the wind.

I stuck my head out the window and inhaled. I entertained thoughts of what it would be like to be a bubble floating across the grass, like the bubbles I blew out the same window last week. To float and simply disappear into the ether, to become one with the scent of green leaves and cool air…

I even opened the window in the bathroom! The clawfoot tub glistens in white and water droplets. I might want to take a bath later, enjoying the softness and light.


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