Things I Would Like to Do When Twenty Is a Distant Memory

1. Travel and write travel books

2. Make enough money to have a house, vehicle, and helicopter stationed in different countries across the planet

3. Retire in my dream house: A beautiful, stately home built with natural lighting and woodwork, full of bright colors and warm rugs and good smells. It would smell like laundry in the morning, and the soft hint of a storm in the afternoon. Off in one distance, we could drive our fully-loaded LandRover through the mountains to be in the city in less than an hour. Off in another direction, we would have natural basaltic cliffs and a private beach. We’d have a flowering trees and whispering grasses, tall mountains, winding roads, steep cliffs, and the slow, pounding of an ocean. We’d have low light and frying steak and fresh salads; we’d have movie nights and board games and family to visit. That’s what I want someday.


One Response to “Things I Would Like to Do When Twenty Is a Distant Memory”

  1. 4. Have weekly coffee with your old friend from college who still stalks you on the internet

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