Today’s been a good – albeit hot – day. After I got done with my finals and blogged earlier, Chris and I went and relaxed in the park, had sandwiches at the Desk, then went to the HUSC/Faculty baseball game. Chris played well (including one time he caught the ball mid-jump!), but unfortunately, the HUSC team lost, I got sunburned, and it was 95 degrees…

Anyway, things looked up afterwards! As I’ve been here at work, I’ve been selecting courses for my upcoming Spring semester at University College Dublin! The application is due on Friday, and this is the last step in the process.

Here they are (tentatively, of course, as nothing’s decided yet):


  • HIS20490 – Religion and State: Religious Change and State Formation in Early Modern Ireland
  • HIS30280 – Religion and Society in Independent Ireland
  • HIS20620 – Church In Reformation Ireland
  • HIS30040 – Scripts, Scribes, and Scholars
  • HIS40880 – Medieval Dublin
  • CCVIL30040 – The Women’s Voice
  • WS10030 – Women in Irish History
  • EQUL10060 – Inequality, Human Rights, and Social Justice in Irish Society


The majority are HIS (History) courses because students at European universities are locked into one school/department, and if I want to take religions courses, I’m stuck in the History department.

The first three are desired for my Religion major back here. The second two are other History courses to fill up my schedule. And the last three are filler courses in case I’m wrong, and can take others – two having to do with Women’s Studies, and one Social Justice course.

Sounds pretty cool – I can’t wait! Finally wrapping up the application process makes me twinge and hope and fizzle in unfamiliar ways. So does looking at pictures of residence halls at UCD:


What a life this is shaping up to be… ❤


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