I am so happy!!!!!

I am just so unbelievably happy all the time these days. It’s absolutely incredible. I feel lifted up, light as air. I feel as if I am simultaneously being catapulted into orbit and locking sweetly into place.

My finals are done! Phil of Religion got done on Thursday (easy A, I’m pretty sure). I’m definitely going to miss those guys, and I’m glad I’ll have Jessica in Feminist with me next year! Abnormal wrapped on Friday (possibly an A, I can hope). What a great class – Robin was a breath of fresh air and a great professor. Old Testament ended yesterday, and while it was a rather difficult cumulative final, I feel very confident and happy about it. Developmental, that complete and utter joke, ended today; good riddance to bad rubbish. I’m not going to get my panties in a twist about it, because mostly I’m just glad it’s done.

Bought a new suimsuit yesterday! It’s adorable – 1950s retro, with  a boyshort cut, white polka dots, and a fringe of lace! And it was on sale!

Speaking of buying things, the money situation is looking solid. I am all ready for Alex’s visit and camping next week, and I can’t wait!! Mall of America, First Ave, then blasting up north for a week of sunshine and relaxation on the lakeshore… sigh…

I am also all ready to submit my study abroad application on Friday, as well as get cracking on the first leg of my research project! Both of these are mildly stressful at the moment, but not catastrophically so; it will just take a little time and will.

What an incredible summer this is going to be! I am so ridiculously, profoundly happy!


One Response to “Happiness!”

  1. abbieplouff Says:

    The swimsuit sounds super cute! I’m looking to buy a new one … but then I paid my credit card bills, and I only have $317 left. Grargh. Will have to wait to make purchases (that aren’t necessary for the apartment) until I either get paid or have everything for the apartment in order.

    Yay for happy! Yay for summer! I’ll see you when I’m back in the cities!

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