So, I’ve left Facebook. Here’s the note I posted:

“I am taking this morning to dramatically reduce my Facebook addiction. There are a number of reasons for this.

1. First and foremost, I am on Facebook far too frequently. I check it probably fifty times a day. This is ridiculous, nobody needs to be that addicted. I need to cut it back. 😛

2. All I do is update my status. I can still do this via Twitter (apalo01), to let you all know what I’m up to. For any additional updates, I can use my blogs ( and

3. Finally, I’ve wound up with a lot of “friends” that aren’t actually friends – people I barely know, haven’t spoken to in years, or have never met at all. While I have thinned this out drastically, I still have over four hundred friends and family on Facebook, which is quite a large number.

That being said, I’m not quitting Facebook entirely:

1. It’s important to me that I still have an account in case I need it.

2. I’m probably still going to update my status (linking automatically from Twitter) and I may occasionally link to blog updates ( and

3. Beyond that, if my friends and family want to get in touch with me about fun events, family stuff, class questions, or whatever, *you certainly can!* I’m going to rig my email notifications to let me know if and when that occurs.

So, for those of you interested, here are the best ways you can get in touch with me:

And as mentioned:

Twitter (apalo01)
My blog:
Multifaith’s blog:
And if necessary, via Facebook*

* This will notify me via email.

And lastly, my cell:


Thanks, all :)”

It feels really good. Leaving Facebook behind was a great step, and this way I can still update my Twitter (even via phone!) and post updates on both blogs. I feel much more up-to-speed. So, look out for more updates coming your way!


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