2009 Fall Dialogue Series – Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN)

[Cross-posted from Multifaith Alliance. I personally am a huge fan of SPIN and their Fall Dialogue Series, and Multifaith Alliance has attended for the past two years. Please take a look at these dates and mark your calendars – pretty sure we can arrange a trip!]

Family Feuds
How We Deal With Difference
Across Faith Traditions, Within Our Tradition, and Within Ourselves

Saint Paul Interfaith Network (SPIN)


Mondays, 7pm – 9pm

In this five-session interfaith dialogue series, representatives from several faith traditions will consider how we deal with perceived difference as reflected in five subjects that frequently engender controversy: race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and religious difference. These conversations will seek to illustrate how religious traditions can either help us to embrace one another beyond apparent difference or serve to perpetuate enmity and divisiveness. Informed by sacred texts and stories of our traditions, we will model and practice constructive dialogue, working to build community across religious differences. Following the panel discussions, participants will continue the conversation in small, facilitated dialogue groups.

Special Guest Moderators:
Prof. Anant Rambachan, Professor and Chair of Religion, St. Olaf College
Rev. Grant Abbott, Executive Director, Saint Paul Area Council of Churches


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