Updates on a lazy afternoon

Well, it’s the first full week of school. I am taking essentially a normal semester – 16 credits as opposed to 20-plus. All of my classes are pretty awesome, especially Seminar In Buddhism and Philosophy of Art. Tonight I’ve still got two more classes to go (Excavating Hamline History and Crossing Borders I), but I’m still excited and happy to be back.

In related news, I’ve whittled my various extracurricular involvements down to two: Multifaith Alliance and, potentially, the Oracle. This will be my fourth consecutive semester running Multifaith Alliance, and it’s my pride and joy. We’ve got a blog up this year and a ton of new activities! As far as the Oracle is concerned, I’ve recently applied to be a columnist. I interview on Saturday at noon, so we’ll see how that goes!

Finally, while I am technically employed at four jobs, they are spread out over 25 hours and a whole week, which makes each job quite manageable and enjoyable. It’s nice to be working and it feels good to get stuff done.

On the whole, the semester is shaping up to be fun, fulfilling, and challenging all at once!

When it comes to future plans, I simply cannot wait for this semester to fly by. When Christmas hits, we’ll be packing up our stuff and moving to Ireland for six months. Beyond that, plans include getting settled into a new apartment and wrapping up our senior year. For me, this means completing my academics (one major, two minors, a liberal arts degree, and hopefully two scholarships), research (finishing two years of summer collaborative research and a behemoth senior honors’ thesis), extracurriculars (Multifaith and the Oracle, and as much volunteer work as I can squeeze in) and lastly, work (in addition my four jobs, I hope to nail down one or two faith-based internships). After that, we’ll move to wherever is next and set up shop – hopefully grad school, and maybe even Chicago!

On a more local and unrelated note, I am also transitioning away from Facebook and into Twitter and this blog. While my Facebook status will update itself automatically, my real updates will happen via Twitter, and more lengthy updates will happen via this blog. So keep your eyes peeled for both, my friends!

Well, that’s two bells ringin’ above me – time to pack up and go to class!


One Response to “Updates on a lazy afternoon”

  1. joshuaslane Says:

    April! It’s so weird. The past few days I’ve been considering dropping facebook too. Being a picture whore I’m not sure what to do regarding that but I think it’s time I start blogging again. I’m SO excited for that. I also activated my two year old twitter account (beta sucker! muhahaha) and will be updating that more than facebook.

    I’ve read most of your blogs over the summer and do enjoy your words. I hope you will enjoy mine! Hope to see you soon April. Tell stranger I said hi.

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