Brief Updates

[Whew! So much has been going on recently! Between the IFYC visit and paganism last week, my head is practically spinning!

Plus, I’ve been up to a lot in other areas of social justice and interfaith activism, including the Boykin address and my new column for the Oracle.]

Speaking of which! My new column is up! Check it out here: And, you can check out my very first article – my first column ever at Hamline – right here: Midway Not So Scary.

In other news, I’ve been doing a lot of meditation and practicing my self-awareness recently, and I am very proud of where I’ve come to be. My mind, body, heart, soul, and life are continuing to move forward positively, and I am continuing to work on balancing my idealistic ambition with a reflective, generous happiness. It’s a journey, and I’m thrilled to be on it!

In more practical news, both members of my family undergoing procedures this week are doing just fine. My Grandma had a brief surgery yesterday, and this morning my mom underwent a laser surgery to help with some health issues she’s been having. Both women are doing great, and are well on the road to recovery!

On Thursday, Multifaith Alliance is undertaking our first-ever service project, so I’m really excited about that! Check out my thoughts about service (and my dreams for Multifaith) at the blog, located here.

Also, this weekend Chris and I are picking up my other Grandma and going to visit my folks in Iowa, so I’ll be a little MIA as I spend time with them and catch up on various projects. So fear not, dear readers – I’ll be back!

I’ll keep you posted. Have an awesome day!


One Response to “Brief Updates”

  1. joshuaslane Says:

    I’m glad you’re family is doing well. That’s really good to hear.

    This meditation stuff.. I’ve always been interested and I the closest I’ve come is a deep-trance brought by a yoga instructor. I’m really interested to learn more about meditation, like the how/why stuff 🙂 Do you recommend any guides that you’re using to help assist you?

    Your oracle entry is down right amazing. I really want to do that kind of stuff for my college whenever I’m at one that matters. I can’t wait, and you have a gift yo! keep up the goooood work!

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