Monologues, Apples, Drummers, and Chicago

I know this post is a little belated, but you’ve gotta forgive me. Between last weekend and this one, I’m ecstatic, but also a little swamped. Let me tell you why:

Chris and I kicked off last weekend with an awesome windfall! In the Wesley Center, my coworker Jane Krentz (director of the McVay Youth Partnership) is also a volunteer at The Guthrie. As a volunteer she gets various ticket packages and performance offers. Well, on Friday morning, she found out that I am studying abroad in Ireland with my fiancee, and offered both of us tickets to The Guthrie’s The Faith Healer! Read more about it here.

So, we jumped at the chance. We got all dressed up in posh clothes, drove downtown, parked, and went on a date to The Guthrie! Neither of us had ever been before. I mean, I’ve been to other theatres in the Twin Cities (The Jungle, Mixed Blood, et cetera), but The Guthrie had always been the elusive white stag. And let me tell you, it was worth the wait. The entire building is a gorgeous work of art – miles of blue, illuminated, glass architecture, surrounded by modern art and a beautiful glimpse of the Minneapolis skyline at every window.

The play itself was great. Four monologues explored three different people’s recollection of the same memories, and as the different versions unraveled, the complex and tragic truth revealed itself. I was fascinated, and it was a great time!

On Saturday, we got up early, bundled up in warm clothes and scratchy scarves, and drove up north of Anoka. Berry Hill Farm is an absolutely adorable little farm in the Minnesota countryside, and we had a blast there! We picked pumpkins, drank apple cider, wandered around the farm, tried homemade apple sundaes with caramel, petted the petting zoo animals (I was a big fan of the sheep), and enjoyed the beautiful, warm fall day.




After we left, we drove to Afton Apple Orchard, out by Woodbury. It was a little too expensive to get in and we were a little short on time, so we just wandered around the gift shop and sampled free apples. We bought a homemade caramel apple wrapped in white paper, and munched tons of slices of fresh, crisp, juicy apples! We even tried apple and pumpkin butters, which I thought were delicious – especially on crackers. Someday we’ll have to come back with a little money and spend some time picking apples – apples are definitely my favorite part of fall!

With our pumpkins bundled safely in the car and our stomachs growling for real food, we made a quick pit stop for dinner before driving to Minneapolis. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where I pulled off the best surprise ever!

A few weeks ago, I was planning our fall date weekend. While I was coordinating it, I saw online that one of Chris and I’s favorite bands of all time were playing at First Ave! So, without even thinking about it, I picked up two tickets. And then…

… I kept it a secret. For two straight weeks. Seriously. TWO WEEKS, I kept the secret! I didn’t. say. a. word.

Chris spent the whole day trying to figure out what we were doing that evening. When we finally pulled up into the parking ramp near First Ave, he still had absolutely no idea what we were doing there. “First Ave?” he asked. “Yep!” I grinned, but didn’t give away the secret. We got in line, and after weeks of anticipation, I finally showed Chris the tickets.

“MUTEMATH?!” he shouted – and he literally jumped up and down, stoked beyond belief. And so was I! And so we both jumped up and down like maniacs. And it was awesome.

Mutemath’s performance was absolutely incredible. The music was album-quality, their energy was ridiculously high and unbelievably addictive, and the spectacle was electrifying. Paul was literally doing flips up into handstands atop his keyboard while singing, and at one point, Darren stood and played his drumsticks… while standing on his bass drum… which was being crowdsurfed above the audience!

It was off the hook and totally wild. I haven’t screamed or laughed or danced that much in a long time – not since Rusted Root, for sure. Mutemath’s art/techno rock was insane, and it was one of the best nights I’ve had recently!

So, that was our weekend! I want to put pics up soon, but in the meantime these will have to do. ๐Ÿ™‚


This week is going smoothly and swiftly, which is awesome. My next few days are going to be hectic, but totally worth it – on Saturday, I am flying to O’Hare and spending four days at an international conference in Chicago.

I won a scholarship to attend IFYC’s 2009 “Interfaith Leadership for a Religiously Diverse World” Conference. IFYC is the premiere international nonprofits dedicated to religious pluralism. This is an amazing leadership and networking opportunity for me (and all of us at Multifaith Alliance)! I’m thrilled to have this chance and can’t wait to spend time exploring it.

So, I’ll be running around crazily for a bit, making up for lost time and catching up on homework. See you soon! Thanks for reading!


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  1. You won a scholarship?! YAY! I’m so proud of you. ๐Ÿ˜€ Rock their socks off.

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