Thanksgiving, Food, and Thankfulness

I am so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Holidays mean so much more to me now that I’m older and a fair bit wiser; I care about my family and loved ones more than ever. Thanksgiving also conjures up ideals of a seasonal home and hearth – homemade food, hot drinks, a crackling fire, cold nights, and an insulated sleep under fifty pounds of blankets.

On that note, I find myself wanting to make my own food from scratch. So many experiences speak to a deep, primal instinct: Granola and oats for breakfast, mixed into a mash in the morning… homemade bread, dough asleep in the refrigerator… fresh fruits and vegetables sliced with a satisfying *crack*… harvest stews and soups and pastas, made from scratch and saved for later… canned jams and leftovers, stored safely in the cupboard. I want a garden for vegetables and fruits and squashes. I want a windowbox of fresh herbs. I want to wrap and freeze fresh, organic, free-range, authentic fish and pork. I want to cook and stir and can. I want to make my own soap. And – underneath that – I sometimes feel brief lightning flashes of a desire to mother and nest. In some secret, hidden ways I want to be a mommy, making sure my little son or daughter is bundled up safe inside a warm, loving home.

Maybe it’s just the holiday, or maybe the time of year, or maybe it’s my biological clock ticking. Whatever the reason, I definitely want to spend as much time as possible surrounded by a cozy home, plenty of homemade, sustainable nourishment, and a loving family. All of these are gifts, and I want to engage with them lovingly, gratefully, and attentively.

I am thankful for such a beautiful holiday. I’m thankful for such a deep, powerful harvest season. I’m thankful for the gifts of family and love. I’m thankful for the food I get to eat, for the nourishment that sustains me, for the privileges I receive.  I’m thankful for all the grace I’ve been given, and I’m thankful that I get to pursue a joyful, well-rounded future.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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