Sloppy Drunk Girls, Haunting Statues, and Rugby Insanity

Monday seems to be the day I journal/blog most frequently, probably because I have a two-hour break in between breakfast and class in the morning. Weird 😛

Anyway, this weekend was… interesting. Lots of deep, funny, weird, surreal, fascinating stuff. It was a mostly a collection of strange happenings, powerful thoughts, and curious hopes for the future.

Friday: Good Cider, a Fun Pub, and a Sloppy Drunk Girl

On Friday night after class, Chris and I went out to split a pint of Bulmer’s and some ice cream. We found a great little pub on the river called Messrs McGwire – it’s actually a brewery, restaurant, and multi-level pub. The Bulmer’s was tasty and the pub was warm and relaxed; we had a great time! For ice cream, we actually wound up having some gelato at a little Italian cafe called Botticelli’s, across the street from Temple Bar. Now here’s the funny part.

While we were there, quietly eating our ice cream in the tiny cafe, we looked out the big front window and saw a drunk girl, weaving and stumbling against the wall of the pub. This caught our attention primarily because people don’t typically get drunk out at pubs; it’s not like a bar, the atmosphere is totally different. So this girl really stuck out. Thin blonde hair, too much dark makeup, little shorty dress – really out of the ordinary. Well, then we saw something really out of the ordinary. Her shorty little dress was slowly riding up her thighs with every teetering weave she made as she stood. Weave – rise – weave – rise – weave rise. In horror, we watched as her draws crawled up her hips. Before long, Sloppy Drunk Girl was literally showing her entire vag to everyone. No underwear!

Of course people noticed, and after we all shared an awkward, horrified laugh at her unfortunate drunk expense, I finally did my female sisterhood duty and tipped her off. As I gently informed her that we could all see her vag, she was already smiling and nodding, her eyes unfocused, never bothering to straighten out her dress. Oh well – for all I know, presumably she wandered about Temple Bar the rest of the night, drunkenly exhibiting herself to passers-by and drinking herself into a stupor 😛

Saturday: Delicious Food, Haunting Statues, and Rugby Insanity

On Saturday, we took the bus into town and started the day off right at the local gourmet food market. We both had absolutely DELICIOUS lamb skewers – juicy little bites of meat dripping with spices, super tender and tasty! They looked like this:

Then we had sweet potato soup in a bread bowl – the soup was thick and creamy with potato and coconut milk, mixed with a little chili and tamarind, all in a thick, soft, crusty bread bowl. We ate with wooden spoons, licked our fingers when were done, and made ourselves the envy of everyone around! It kind of looked like this:

We topped it off with a steaming mug of hot chocolate, then went exploring in the Docklands district of Dublin. As we walked along the river boardwalk, enjoying the momentary warmth of sunny skies, we found the Famine Memorial.

Tall, larger-than-life men, women and children staggered woefully down the river, holding their belongings and their babies in their arms. They were down to rags and had nothing but a hollowed acquaintance with death in their eyes. The statues were crusted with copper and rust, and the intentional disrepair added to their miserable poverty. Accompanying the memorial was a plaque set up by the UN with an international dedicate to eradicate poverty in Ireland and the world. The Memorial was especially significant as it was based on an actual event. All in all, the Memorial was a very haunting sight – especially when you glance back over your shoulder and see them staring after you.

Then we roamed around for awhile. A note about the Docklands area: The city centre (St Stephen’s Green, Grafton St., Temple Bar, O’Connell, Henry St.) is definitely the epicenter of the city’s activity: pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, shows, parades, the whole lot. But it’s also the oldest part of the city, and there are zero skyscrapers or swanky apartments. Given Dublin’s wealth and notoriety, we wondered where we could find them. And we finally did – because the skyscrapers and swanky apartments are all located in the Docklands district. It’s a beautiful, classy, and elite part of town, and because it’s not crowded by the hustle-and-bustle social scene, it stays relatively quiet and peaceful. Chris and I enjoyed walking around it very much!

As we were picking our way back towards O’Connell Street down the Luas line, we suddenly realized that we were surrounded by a huge crowd of people. It wasn’t a riot or a mob; it was just a very a large, peaceful throng of people flooding down the street.

Sensing an opportunity, we quietly slipped into the crowd and traveled along with them! As we walked, more and more people joined us – out of taxies, alleyways, off of buses. The crowd grew – 200, 300, 400! We would top over a rise, look down, and every city block was full of people streaming out ahead!

Turns out, we’d ended up in the crowd heading straight for Croke Park. On Saturday, Croke Park was the site of the kickoff Ireland/Italty rugby game, the first match of the Six Nations rugby championship series. Of course, we couldn’t get tickets – that would be like trying to get tickets to the Super Bowl on Sunday – so, sadly, we had to double back and leave the crowd (and the game) to its own devices.

* Found out since then: Ireland won! Go Ireland!!

Afterwards, we spent most of the day shopping. I picked up five pairs of tights and two REALLY adorable leggings, plus a knee-high pair of boots and thick black satin laces. Lovely!

When we got home, Chris fixed us up the BEST bangers and mash I’ve ever had! Fresh mashed potatoes with garlic, nutmeg, milk, and cream; sausage links fried in olive oil with a little spices; and the gravy! Oh man, the gravy. Sauteed onions and mushrooms, a little olive oil, flour, dijon mustard, chicken stock, and a healthy glug of red wine – it was absolutely delicious and was one of the tastiest dinners we’ve had here yet!

In keeping with the UK theme, we capped off the night with “Hot Fuzz” and went to sleep 😛

Sunday: Work Day and Positive Productivity

Sunday was a seriously productive work day for me. I completed my entire homework task list, straightened out my mail situation, dealt with my finances, taxes, and FAFSA, and started digging into research and internship paperwork. All in all I am very pleased and proud, and am looking forward to a fun-filled week and weekend!

What’s Up Next: Irish Week, Valentine’s Day, and Travel Plans

This week is Irish Week (“Seachtain na Gaeilge”), so it’s stuffed full of IRish language events, shows, and programs. This morning I watched the balloon launch and participated in my first ceili dancing experience! Later on tonight I’m also going to hit up the Student Bar for a traditional music DJ!

Plus, this weekend is Valentine’s Day. Chris and I are getting a cheap little hotel room in town and spending the day going sightseeing – I’m thinking the National Museum, the Wax Museum, and maybe the Titanic exhibit! We might also have a picnic at Phoenix Park, if the weather is good ❤

We also prepared our travel schedule. We’re definitely going to Europe (Barcelona, Rome and Paris) over Spring Break, but there’s still plenty of Ireland to see, and we’ve both been feeling a little left out in that regard. So, we sat down and worked out where we’re going!

From now until finals, we will be visiting: Malahide Castle, Killarney, Donegal and the Aran Islands, Belfast, London, Powerscourt, Newgrange, Glendalough, and Galway!

I’m really excited and can’t wait to see some real Ireland! In the meantime, thanks for reading 🙂


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